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“Our goal is to make packaging easy, so you can get back to what’s most important: your business.”

Josh, co-founder

We didn’t set out to start a tissue company. In fact, noissue was born out of necessity in 2017. We were looking at packaging for a previous endeavour, and couldn’t find exactly what we needed. Since we’re not much for sitting about and making do, we decided to fill that gap in the market. noissue was started with a single intention: to make premium custom tissue attainable for brands at any stage of business.

Our company is based on a few core beliefs. At the heart of those beliefs is a focus on customer satisfaction. Our customers have helped shape what noissue is today. To be frank, it’s not really about us —it’s more about what you need to help your business be the best it can be.

We believe that sustainable packaging doesn't have to be unattainable. You can be environmentally conscious and responsible while creating a premium product for your customers to enjoy, and we can help you do it.

We chose the name ‘noissue’ because we’re committed to eliminating the unnecessary issues that can crop up with custom production. Our goal is to make packaging easy, so you can get back to what’s most important: your business.

Our Eco Packaging Alliance

Contributing to global reforestation one tree at a time.

About the program

Our Eco-Packaging Alliance is a great way to contribute to global reforestation, and show off your eco-friendly packaging! For every order you make, we’ll plant trees for you in areas of need, and give you access to a badge to promote your eco-goodness to your customers. If you’d like to join, click below and we’ll get you everything you need to be a part of the team!

Join the Alliance!

Sport your support!

Add a Eco-Packaging Alliance sticker on your store front, whether its a physical store or online.

Our Team

noissue is passionately brought to you by:

Auguste, Ben, Nishantha, Kay, Michelle, Josh, Sophie, Tony, Nikki

We always considered our little company to be a global company from day one.
Now that we serve thousands of customers around the world, we base ourselves at the following:


    1 Beresford Square Auckland 1010


    38 Chancery Lane London WC2A 1LF


    500 7th Avenue New York NY 10018


    240 Richmond St W Toronto ON M5V 1V6


    5 Martin Place Sydney NSW 2000


    535 Jaffe Road Hong Kong

Press Kit

Please send any and all media inquiries to [email protected]

No matter your business, noissue offers partnership programs that provide access to fantastic packaging solutions and like minds.

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