The things we own are a reflection of who we are, of where we’ve been, and where we dream of going. My goods are no exception to this.

I’m Angie, and I’m the founder, heart, and soul of Bobo Design Studio. I design and handcraft wanderlust-inspired lifestyle goods for the bohemian rebel, encouraging people to get out and explore the world around them and enrich their soul through adventure and travel. Every piece that I craft, from the illustrations I draw for my pins, stickers, and graphic apparel to my handcrafted leather accessories - even my Wanderlust Travel Passport - is designed to help you celebrate adventure both near and far.

The inspiration for my work is all around, but it’s not until we unplug, let our guard down, and take a step back to feel the world around us that true inspiration takes place. So much of what I create is a product of the places I’ve traveled to, and the memories that keep my soul warm. I'm drawn to earthy patterns and prints, and the rich colors found in nature. As someone who loves to travel it’s essential that function is infused into all of the pieces I create, making my lifestyle goods appropriate for every day (and not so everyday!) adventures.

I care very much about my customer, and the best way I can ensure that they connect with my brand is by being authentic. This means staying true to myself and true to my customer; it means that everything I make is designed to evoke feelings of wanderlust and adventure. I want to create an experience for my customer that makes them want to get out and explore the world!

I have a neon sign that you see when you walk into my store. It says “DO WHAT YOU LOVE.” Life is too short not to do what makes you happy; once I stopped letting society dictate what success and happiness were for me, it permitted me to live life on my terms. That meant leaving my high-salaried corporate job to run a creative business, and even moving out of our condo to live in a restored 1975 airstream full-time! This is something that I try to infuse into my brand's core.

You only have one chance to make a killer first impression. To do this, I always pay extra attention to the details; it’s part of my storytelling, and the way I continue to connect with my customers beyond the products themselves. I love creating a meaningful unboxing experience for my online shoppers, and carefully packaging products in neatly folded, branded tissue for my in-store shoppers. noissue allows me to elevate my brand in a way that’s not only beautiful and unexpected, but also cost-effective.

In a world where brands are competing on things like price, I wanted to ensure that Bobo Design Studio stands out from the pack through my storytelling. noissue allows me to do that without compromise. I know my customers love it because they comment on how they don’t want to throw the tissue away. I even had one customer come back to my store to ask me for a fresh piece of tissue that they could use as wallpaper for their cubicle!