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"Plants don't have to be scary things which you assume you'll kill. They're actually pretty easy!"

Desk Jungle

Indoor plant purveyors and stylists
Christchurch, UK
  • Exotic Plants
  • Office Design
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Me and my partner both run other companies (with very different target markets) and we wanted to create something with a different vibe. Something a bit more tongue and cheek while fulfilling our own plant-y needs. We're a couple of plant fanatics you know... Over beer and pizza we got our name Desk Jungle and within a month we were up and running! Because we love what we do, we found it quite a natural process. We get really excited by a new plant or a fun bit of branding! It's changed a lot from when we first started, but that’s what we like. The fun of the journey.

The original goal was that we wanted to make the accessibility of plants good and fun for everybody. They don't have to be scary things which you assume you'll kill. They're actually pretty easy! Although we've developed into house plants, our core is in the work space, hence the name Desk Jungle. Plants are healthy and creative and we think that should be part of everyday working life. You should see our office, it’s overgrown!

The joy for us comes from the fun in it all. The marketing, branding and coming up with creative content. This has created a better work/life balance for us, even allowing us to change our office into a similar work/fun living environment. A BBQ for lunch each day surrounded by plants and nature sounds like a pretty decent way to bring you joy!

User experience and finishing touches like packaging is really important to us. We were looking for branded tissue paper for a while and noissue made it easy to get a really good product at a lower volume. We're still a little start up and can't buy 1000's of sheets at a time. Noissue was the perfect solution for us and we will continue to use them.