I am a woman on a mission: I firmly believe that most of the stress we undergo during our daily lives is because we are not always as organized as we could be. So, our mission at Casa Xaviera is to create beautiful, functional paper products that help us to get organized. The ultimate goal is to encourage and motivate the user to pause for a minute, think about the tasks ahead (that day, week or month) and set small achievable goals…then get out there and achieve them! You’d be surprised at how satisfying this is.

I’m originally from Mexico City, but have been living in Europe my entire adult life. So I’m naturally drawn to warm colors, florals and intricate textures, and also to neutral and functional Nordic design. I guess my style lives halfway between the two! With this whole organizational whirlwind I’m in, I’ve managed to make some quiet time for myself at the end of most days where I’ve been doodling and practicing lettering. Maybe some of that will start to pop up soon - we’ll see!

Close up of Casa Xaviera custom tissue paper and custom stickers

I’ve had the opportunity to work in branding and marketing for many years, so this is now second nature to me. I decide on colors, type and style, then work my brand identity around the feelings that these elements evoke for me. There’s a clear message of functionality, strength and femininity that I try to infuse throughout our brand experience, be it social media posts, packaging or the products themselves.

We try to be as eco-friendly as we can, but you’d think this would be a much easier thing to do! So far we’ve managed to steer clear of using plastics for our packaging but it’s been a struggle to find local suppliers, so we’ve ended up having to get our resources elsewhere. Nevertheless, this is something that we strive towards and we’ll continue to try our very best to put out responsible products into the world. I’m convinced that more and more people will develop this awareness, and that consuming sustainable products will become the norm.

Close up of Casa Xaviera custom tissue paper and custom stickers

I’d spotted noissue a while back when falling down the IG rabbit hole one night, and suddenly I saw someone I follow showcasing their personalized tissue paper and I was blown away! It was just what we needed, but it took some time to work the expense into our budget. The day we finally hit the print button on the noissue site was a very happy day for me! Having staff that are super nice and super helpful throughout the whole experience just made it that much better - shoutout to Bert and Ralph, and Korina! Thanks for your patience and support.